How do I feed my Koi?

Tap on your screen and your Koi will automatically follow in the direction of your movement. Guide it towards prey and your Koi will eat them.

How do I level my Koi?

To level up your Koi, click on the circular dial level display at the top left corner of the pond. Select ‘My Koi’ and choose your Koi to view the Koi detail screen. Click on ‘+’ button to allocate skills to your Koi.

How do I breed my Koi?

Feed your Koi above level 4 and a Koi mate will occasionally appear. Tap on the Koi mate and try to follow as close as you can! When the big ring around your Koi becomes full, it will hatch an egg. Try to level up your Koi for faster speed and agility.

How do I ascend my Koi into a Dragon?

Tap on ‘Gem’ button on the lower right corner. Eat little fishes in the recipe, and craft gems. Once you have gems swirling around your Koi, tap on ‘?’ and Expand pond’ notification on the lower left of the pond. Your Koi will automatically be guided to the symbol to deposit the gems. If you lose your way, tap on ‘?’ and ‘Expand pond’ again.

How do I eat the Pufferfish and why do the red ones hurt?

Try to approach it from behind and level up your Koi for greater speed. It is a little tricky, but with a faster Koi and some practice, you can get it. The red Pufferfish will slow down and hurt your Koi, so try to avoid them while you sneak up for a surprise attack!

How do I catch the blue scarab?

The scarab will tuck itself in when your Koi approaches, so try to catch them from behind unawares. It may be a challenge as they scuttle fast, but with an agile Koi and some accuracy you’ll be able to get them!

Not enough Koi Slots!

Try to ascend your existing Koi to free up more space for future eggs to hatch. We encourage players to strategically manage their Koi collection with the slots they have, and if necessary use Pearls earned through gameplay to unlock more slots.

How do I unlock My Pond?

To unlock My Pond, you will need to collect at least 200 Essence. My Pond is your own personal space to decorate and view your current Koi. You can visit your friend’s pond for inspiration!

What are Dragon Points for?

When you ascend a Koi into a Dragon you are awarded a Dragon Point. Dragon points can be used to compete with friends and the rest of the world on the Leaderboards, which you can find in the Settings screen, tap on the Leaderboard button. You can also use your Dragon points to unlock Collector’s Koi patterns, which you can find in the Shop / Collector’s Koi area.

What are Awakening Orbs?

Awakening Orbs are used to awaken your Dragons. Earn Awakening Orbs by ascending Koi or by collecting them through daily rewards!

What are Pearls for?
Pearls are used to unlock Koi slots, clone Koi or to hatch eggs. How do I earn them?
1) Ascend Koi into Dragons
2) Complete Koi and Dragon collections
3) Achieve awards
4) Daily rewards
5) Random pond drops in flowers
6) Video ad rewards
What are Essences used for?

After awakening your Dragon, you can collect Essence while you form beautiful constellations. Use them to purchase in-game decoration for your personal pond!

How to get Event Koi?
Swim with any non-Collector’s Koi (eg. Inazuma) in the pond. At every half level your Koi will have the chance to meet with a mate, one of them will be the special event pattern during the duration of the event. Sometimes you will need to meet a few mates before you chance upon the special event koi pattern. Try not to use a Collector’s Koi as it will only bring you mates of that same pattern. For the full pattern list of Non-collector’s Koi, please refer to the Pattern Guide Note.

Game Progress & Purchases

How do I ‘save’ my game progress?

At the moment, we use Facebook connect and your device game ID to keep track of your game progress. To ensure that your game data is saved, please toggle on the Facebook switch in your Settings screen. Your device ID can be found at the bottom of the Settings screen, please copy and paste this ID somewhere safe. Should you lose your game progress, you can quote us the ID and we will restore it for you.

How do I restore my lost data after changing my device?

If you have connected to Facebook previously, simply tap the Restore button, and sign into the relevant social accounts. The server will then pull up the progress you have linked before, and you can choose which one to restore.

Please note that:
1) If there is no other game of higher progress than your current one, it won’t show
2) Progress played in the last 5 minutes will not be shown as well
3) You have the Facebook switch ON and have played the game for a few minutes

If the above method does not work, please send us an in-game support message with your ID and our Support team will get back to you shortly.
Can I play my Zen Koi 2 account on two different devices?

Unfortunately Zen Koi 2 does not have syncing features for multiple devices. When you have the game installed on different devices they are recorded as separate games. To transfer your data from one device to another please follow the above instructions.

Something went wrong with my purchase!
If you have purchased pearls before, send us the have the GPA ID number on the receipt) or receipt to – and we will help you retrieve your game data.
Send us a support message from your Help screen with your email address and name for quick reference. We will reimburse your purchase directly in game once we have verified your receipt.
Where do I receive my purchased Koi?

All gifts and purchases are delivered to your Inbox which can be accessed through the Main Menu page.

How do I delete my game account?

These instructions below is for deleting your Zen Koi 2 game account completely from our database. All game progress and purchases you may have made through your game account will be deleted in this process.

If you wish to restore your game progress if look at ‘How do I restore my lost data after changing my device?‘ under ‘Game Progress & Purchase‘ header on



  1. Tap on ‘Settings‘ gear icon on the lower left of the Main Menu
  2. Tap on ‘Delete Game Data‘ trash icon
  3. Type the keyword ‘ZenKoi2DeleteForever‘ keyword manually into the text field provided. Confirm by tapping on the ‘Delete‘ button
  4. The team will be informed by your request, which is noted in the ‘Help’ screen. You can tap on the ‘Help‘ question mark icon on the lower left side of the Main Menu screen and then tap on ‘Support‘ button on the top right corner. You will see in the messages your request for account deletion. Please allow the team 24-48 hours to fulfill your request.
  5. Once your deletion request is completed, your game account data will be completely deleted. If you choose to install Zen Koi 2 again, you will start with a brand new game.

Alternatively you can email us at with your player id(you can copy your ID number by tapping on the ID area at the bottom of the Settings screen of your game) and request account deletion, however this is a longer process as we will need manual account verification before proceeding.

Game Issues

I can’t find the ‘Gem’ button in the Pond!

A weak internet connection may cause the ‘Gem’ button to disappear. You will see a ‘No-WIFI connection’ symbol in place of the ‘Gem’ button. Please move to an area with stronger connection and keep playing the game – it should return soon!

I am unable to connect to the game server.
If you are using Wifi…
1) Disconnect from Wifi and reconnect
2) Reboot the modem / router
3) Check automatic time & date (time zone)
4) Turn off your Wifi optimization
If you are using Mobile Data…
1) Turn off Power Saving Mode
2) Clear app data and cache
3) Reset app preference
4) Check for firewall permission
Try to re-install your game without the SD card in your phone.
I’ve just started the game and no Koi mate came!

If you are playing with your first Koi and after level 4.5 and a mate has not made an appearance (and you had a crash earlier) please quit the game, swipe away its active window on your device and relaunch the game. Make sure that you have good internet connection and level your Koi until 5.5 – you should see a mate!

I’m having Facebook connection issues!
With the new Facebook privacy update, all players may need to re-authorize their app permissions every 90 days. If you are unable to gift, find friends, or connect to Facebook through the app, please follow the steps below:
1. Go to Facebook on a computer.
2. Click on the Settings icon on the top right corner of your Facebook page.
3. Click on Apps on the left hand menu and find Zen Koi 2 app.
4. Under the Public Profile section, remove Zen Koi 2 from the list.
5. Return to your game and reconnect it to Facebook.

Known Issues

Cannot connect or taking a while to connect
If you see the message, “Some files are taking longer than usual to download. Please wait while the download continues.” Tap on OK button and allow the game to continue downloading files in the background. It may take 2 minutes or more depending on your internet connection. This usually happens when you update the game, as the game needs to download larger files at start. Once it is downloaded and the game starts, you shouldn’t need to have to download large files until the next update. We are working to improve on this experience to better manage the size of files to download. The best solution for now is to:
If you only have mobile data connection –
  1. Pause or quit the app for a while, move to an area with good WIFI or internet connection to allow for files to finish downloading.
If you have WIFI connection –
  1. With the app in the background, go to your device settings and switch off WIFI. Wait for a little(or move closer to your WIFI connection) and switch WIFI back on again and tap back to the game from the app background.
Friends (Facebook)
1) Profile images takes a while to load. Depending on the length of the list, especially if there are 20 profiles.
2) Gifting is slow, and some gifts can only be sent after the profile image has been loaded.
3) Adding a friend may take a while. There may be a pop up with a loading spin animation.

Gifting Friends

How do I send a Koi gift to my friend?
To start gifting please ensure that the following steps are done:
1) Both you and your friend are friends on Facebook
2) The Facebook switch is ON under your Settings screen for both you and your friend
Go to your Koi detail screen (My Koi > Select Koi) and tap on the ‘Gift’ button below. Search for your friend in the Facebook search field or add them to your friends list in game.
I can’t send Koi gifts to my friend / I’m not receiving a Koi gifts from my friend.
Sometimes the game may not have registered your Facebook ID, so try switching the Facebook switch OFF then ON again to reset it. Play for a few minutes, then try to delete and re-add your friend to your friend’s list in the game. Have your friend do this too if you are not able to send him/her gifts.
I need friends to play!
There are a few Zen Koi fan groups on Facebook. They are very friendly players who exchange Koi and gameplay tips with each other.

Managing Google Ads

How to manage Google Banner Ads?
Google banner ads can be found at the bottom of the gem crafting screen. Should you encounter an inappropriate ad you may report it directly to Google.

Important: Giving feedback to Google will allow them to determine your preference.
How to manage Google video Ads?
At the moment video ads cannot be closed or reported directly (above example), but you can report it to us if the content is inappropriate. We will report it to our advertisement providers to remove it. You can however view more information about the ads.
  1. Tap on the tiny “i” icon at the bottom of the video advertisement.
  2. Tap on “Ads by Google”.
  3. “Why this Ad?” will pop up for more information.
If there is no “i” icon, the advertisements are from another provider. You can report it to us as well and we will help to block it.

Here you can manage and control your settings in more detail.

Contact Us

Get in touch
If your questions aren’t answered in this FAQ, you may contact us directly in the game by going to the Help screen and clicking on the Support button the top right. You can also email us at or direct message us from our Facebook page.